Today, as part of the "Success Story" project, a RyazSMU graduate will share his memories and impressions about the years spent at the university, talk about his professional career and give some advice to students.

My name is Omkar Shiriskar. I from India and I graduated from RyazSMU in 2015. My specialty according to the diploma General Medicine (Therapist). I am currently living and working in Germany. The main thig which influenced the choice of the profession is the desire to serve others, job security and financial stability.

So about professional life: although my life is hectic, the idea of working on achieving my goals, being optimistic and giving back to the Society that I live in keeps me going. Next I'll go over the stages of my becoming what I am now. The Six years I have spent studying in Russia were the most memorable and exciting days of my lifetime. Spending endless nights studying weeks before the exam, learning Russian language, the exciting topics and brainstorming in practical sessions, getting to know colleagues from different countries and backgrounds and eventually becoming best friends with many! Then graduated and returned to my Homeland India with colorful memories from Russia. Studied for the screening exam in Delhi followed with the internship. Later started working in Mumbai as a General Physician especially working as a Covid-warrior during Covid-19 and also received an appreciation certificate from the Government. Simultaneously started preparing for the German language to move to Germany for post-graduation and work.

Therefore, what can i advise to university students: Enjoy every stage of your life! Prioritize your life. No Procrastination. Time once gone is never gonna come back. Set small milestones and strive to achieve them. At times there will be difficulties but never lose hope and keep pushing yourself. All these moments either happy, sad or difficult ones, will be like memories for the future. So carve your life accordingly.