1st year admission

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Admission Procedure for those who want to apply for the 1st year:

  1. An applicant should send the following documents to medicinestudyinrussia@gmail.com in one PDF-file:
  • a copy of the passport main page (with photo). Validity of the passport should be not less than 2 years;
  • a copy of Higher Secondary School Certificate;
  • a completed and signed application to take part in the competition;
  • a filled and signed application form from our official website:
  • personal agreement for personal data processing

Kindly note that the number of places for the first year is strictly limited (General Medicine – 105, Dentistry - 15) and all the candidates will pass examinations on a competitive basis.

  1. According to the established admission terms we analyze the documents and inform all the applicants about the assessment results.
  2. After receiving the full set of primary documents we will arrange the time for a short video interview with you to have a formal conversation.
  3. In case we received the required documents set in full and we`ve interviewed you, we will inform you about the entrance exams dates.

Entrance examinations are:

  1. Having passed the entrance examinations successfully an applicant signs a contract for education, pays 1st semester of education, provides us with all the necessary documents and becomes a student of our University.
  2. Prices for academic year 2024/2025 are:
  • General Medicine - 345 000 rubles.
  • Dentistry -  395 000 rubles.
  1. For those applicants who passed the entrance exams successfully we start the procedure of preparing electronic invitations (takes about 30 days) to come to the University for studies. This procedure is free of charge.
  2. Having received an invitation letter, an applicant must print it out and contact the Embassy of the Russian Federation to his/her country in order to apply for a student’s visa.
  3. Five days before the flight to the Russian Federation an applicant should send us a copy of a flight ticket. In this case we will be able to organize transfer from an airport to the university. This procedure is also free of charge.
  4. Students admitted to our University can be provided with a place at one of the buildings of our University’s  hostel (rooms for 2 or 3 people) for the entire period of their study.

For all questions concerning admission of foreign citizens and stateless people to the University please contact the International Department

Admission rules to Ryazan State Medical University for academic year 2024/2025