Recently more and more international students have been involved into scientific research and the olympiad movement. 

An olympiad for foreign students of the Faculty of Dentistry was held at the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry and Orthodontics. This is the second time that such a knowledge showcase has been held. 

The olympiad attracts not only senior students who participate in the competition, but junior students as well. They come to support their friends, gain valuable experience and become more motivated and enthusiastic about their further studies.

This time 12 students from different countries participated in the olympiad. The competition tasks included making alginate impressions and plaster jaw models. The prizes were dental turbine tips and impression masses. Such gifts would be appreciated by any dentist.

We congratulate the winners of the competition and wish everyone further professional development:

  • 1st place - Mohamed Ahmed Effat Abdelmoneim Ibrahim 
  • 2nd place - Mili Nour
  • 3rd place - Diabi Abderrahmane.