Choosing a university is one of the first big decisions school graduates make. Currently there are many resources available to help with this decision. One of the best ways to determine whether or not a university is the right fit for you is to visit its Open Day.  In its turn a university is to provide an overview of academic programs applicants may be interested in and to answer questions about the university, undergraduate programs, student services, and how to apply.

Addressing applicants with a welcoming speech, Rector Roman E. Kalinin emphasized that choosing a career is a big deal: “You should choose your medical specialty depending on your career aspirations and the kind of lifestyle you have envisioned for yourself. Our University is full of opportunities namely with a wide range of learning communities, students choose the one that best fits their personal interests and professional goals. All learning communities are tailored to create a supportive and caring learning environment.  We keep open the University doors to anyone who strives for new discoveries and self-improvement!”

After parting words, applicants had a chance to meet RSMU staff, to connect with current students, to learn about University resources and to receive academic advising. 

It should be mentioned that RSMU faculties and departments were presented in a new interactive way. The visitors had an opportunity to role-play acting as real doctors of various specialties, namely a pharmacist, paramedic or clinical psychologist. Would-be-school-graduates were also able to get acquainted with special simulation equipment as well as with the University’s extracurricular activities.

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Best of luck in your future academic endeavors!