RSMU Celebrates Nowruz

RSMU international students have celebrated the arrival of spring and the renewal of nature.

As many rejoice the end of the winter season, others from various ethnic communities and diverse faith traditions celebrate Nowruz - the beginning of the new year. The holiday has changed over thousands of years that it has been celebrated. Peoples of different regions have preserved and developed various traditions, as well as adding new ones.

Being far away from home RSMU students from different countries celebrate this event and try to keep their traditions.

On March, 25 students from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan performed songs and folk dances on the stage of the University Culture Centre to celebrate the event. As a part of the celebration a Nowruz table with a number of symbolic objects and dishes was laid. While these tables differ slightly from region to region, the most common features are sumanak, nauryz-kozhe, baursak, chak-chak, pilaef, eggs, and various fruits.

Making a speech at the opening of the celebration, Rector Roman E. Kalinin mentioned: “Nowruz is one of the best examples of intergenerational communication. Nowruz plays a significant role in strengthening the ties among peoples based on mutual respect and ideals of peace and good neighbourliness.”

Special guests of the celebration were representatives of national diasporas, Shamsiev Hasan Dosievich (Tajikistan diaspora) and Aliyev Elshan Khugug oglu (Azerbaijani diaspora). It should be mentioned that everyone had a lot of positive feedback from the event.