RSMU Educational Programs Included Into DEQUAR

Recently Database of External Quality Assurance Results (DEQAR) has certified that below listed RSMU educational programs correspond the criteria of the European Standards:

  • 33.02.01 Pharmacy – secondary vocational education;
  • 33.05.01 Pharmacy – higher education (specialist program);
  • 33.04.01 Industrial pharmacy – higher education (Master’s program);
  • 33.08.01 Pharmaceutical technology – higher education (residency program);
  • 33.08.02 Pharmacy Management and Economics – higher education (residency program);
  • 33.08.03 Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy - higher education (residency program).

International accreditation improves the University's position in international rankings and brand visibility.

Recognition of the educational programs makes them popular among foreign students.