FOIS students win International Cricket Competitions

This May, International Cricket Competitions among students of Medical and Pharmaceutical Universities of Russia was held in Ufa (Republic of Bashkortostan in Russia). The competition featured 6 teams from Republic of Bashkortostan, including teams representing Ryazan and Kazan.

The united and strong-willed FOIS Team achieved a victory against Kazan State Medical University with a score of 87:69.

RSMU was represented by 13 participants: Hangavelu Vanitha Arun, Anil Singh Chaudhary, Santhosh Yadav, Vikash, Vaibhav Singh, Meraj Ahmad, Rajan Maurya, Sharan Shanmugam, Sahil Gora, Prakhar Singh, Yasas Wanniarachchi, Waleed Сhowdhry, Ishara Kariyawasam.

It is noteworthy that the interest in sports participation is constantly on the rise. FOIS students love games, and they especially love the chance to let the steam off through an adrenaline-rush, competitive game of sports.

Our sincere congratulations to the winners and wishes them further success in sports, studies and all other matters!