Iyer Anuradha Ramamurthy (India) graduated RSMU (Faculty of International Students, specialization “General Medicine”) in 2012: 

- I joined Ryazan State Medical University in 2006. I got to know it through the Embassy situated in Mumbai, India. At first I was skeptical about moving away from home at the age of 18. Since we come from a conservative background this decision was not easy for us. After meeting a few seniors who were already living in Ryazan my family and I decided to go ahead with it. Private education in my country was very expensive and we were able to afford the fees in Russia. I was always clear that I wanted to be a doctor so my parents supported and encouraged me to achieve my goals.

Russia gave me an opportunity to learn about different cultures, learn a new language. I saw snow for the very first time in my life! I arrived in Russia on December 22, 2006. My life changed forever.

I love everything about Russia: the ballet, the circus, the cuisine, the simple yet classy wooden homes and peaceful people. Till date I tune into “Europa Plus” online and listen to Russian news and music.

The universities in Russia were different compared to the ones back home in India. The teachers were there because they genuinely cared if we learnt something new or not. Which is not something I see often in my own home country. I am indebted to Ms. Elena Gerasimova for teaching me to read, write and speak Russian. The six years I spent there were the best in my life. They helped me shape and mould the person that I am today. If I had to do it all again I would definitely come back to Russia in a heartbeat! I passed out in 2012.

I am a successful ophthalmologist in my country today. Memories of RSMU will always remain in my heart. I thank my alma mater and I am forever grateful for everything! 
I would advise current students that although there are many activities that divert our attention we must focus on our goal, and that is to become a good doctor. To gain the maximum benefit of learning from good teachers one must make an attempt to learn as well.