Alexander E. Lomovtsev is a 1989 graduate of RSMU Preventive Medicine Faculty, Doctor of Medicine, Honored worker of Russian Healthcare, Head of Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being of Tula region:

- I grew up in a family of a public health physician and has been familiar with this work since childhood. My father once brought me two wonderful books by Paul De Kruif and Sergei Rassadnev. They ignited my interest in the subject.

After graduating RSMU I worked my way up from an epidemiologist to the Chief State Sanitary Doctor in Tula region. I worked both at centers of traditional infectious diseases that occurred in the region (diphtheria, viral hepatitis, acute intestinal and natural focal infections, etc.), and at centers of new at that time infections of avian flu and hog-flu. Besides that I was an organizer of Rostropovich-Vishnevskaya Foundation “For the Health and Future of Children” for the prevention of viral hepatitis B.

At various stages of my professional career I was engaged in science, successfully defended my PhD thesis in two specialties "Microbiology" and "Epidemiology" using molecular genetic methods in epidemiological surveillance, and the doctoral thesis in the specialty "Public Health and Healthcare". I have written more than 80 scientific papers including monographs on assessing the relationship between environmental health and public health. I was awarded with a III degree "Labour Merit" medal, Tula City Duma medals "For Merits to Healthcare" and "For Merits to the City", breastplates "Excellent Worker of Public Health" and "Honorary worker of Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being".

My profession gives me plenty of opportunities to interact with interesting people in different positions and different life situations. Nowadays the service employs specialists in various fields - environmentalists, lawyers and others and I can clearly see the benefits of higher medical education, especially of RSMU graduates.

I would like to wish the students who have chosen Preventive Medicine Faculty to strive to get as much knowledge as possible and not to rush on their professional path. Do your job and you will succeed. All professions are important, especially the ones that aim at preserving a favorable living environment and human health.