Victoria Tarusikirwa (Zimbabwe) graduated RSMU (Faculty of International Students, specialization “General Medicine”) with an honors degree in 2016. She currently works at the biggest referral hospital in Zimbabwe – Harare Central Hospital as a Senior House Officer (Government Medical Officer) in the department of Paediatrics:

- I chose to be a doctor mainly because a very close relative of mine had a kidney condition early on in life, and I was impressed by the effort that his nephrologist put into managing the condition until it was no longer something we had to worry about. From then I decided that I too wanted to give even the slightest bit of hope back to families who thought their relatives were past the point of saving, and the work has truly been rewarding.

After graduation, upon returning to my home country, I discovered that our medical council had introduced board examinations for all those with foreign qualifications, so I had to wait a little bit longer to get started on the work I was itching to do. After that came a 2 year period of internship, where I rotated through different specialities, consolidating the knowledge I had gained in Ryazan, upon completion of which was then followed by the work I am doing now.

My advice to students is this: you have each chosen the career path that best suits you. The road is never easy, and the occasional obstacles you face are not only there to test your resolve but also to prepare you for what lies ahead. So never give up! Knowledge acquisition doesn’t end the day you’re handed your degree, you have to constantly update your skills to suit the ever changing world. Also, do take some time out for personal growth, learn about the beautiful city you’re living in – it grew on me and now I miss it like anyone would miss their home.