Countering terrorist creed in education and among the youth

On September 23-24 the All-Russian Forum "Countering Terrorist Creed in Education and Among the Youth" was held in Moscow.

The forum was organized by the National Anti-Terrorist Committee, the Department of Education and Science of Moscow, the Department of Regional Security and Anti-Сorruption of Moscow, Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs and Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.

RSMU Vice-rector for Extracurricular Activities and International Issues executive Maria V. Gordova took part in the forum section "Anti-Terrorist Consciousness Formation as a Part of Foreign Students’ and Schoolchildren’ Integration Into Educational Process", presenting a report on the topic "Sociocultural Adaptation of Foreign Citizens as a Means of Anti-Terrorist Consciousness Formation”.

All the suggestions for improving the work in this area made during the forum were included in the official communique and will be sent to specialists in anti-terrorist preventive work.