Alexei Vasiliev, a doctor of the Russian national team for bullet and trap shooting, who graduated from Ryazan State Medical University in 2013:

- I loved sports as a child. When I was a 1st year pupil I started playing football, doing athletics and actively participated in the sport life of the city. It also happened that I got injuries. Having received a severe fracture in primary school, I was operated and treated at a district hospital. The doctor who was treating me influenced greatly the choice of my profession - I decided to become a traumatologist.

After graduating from school, I entered Ryazan State Medical University and every summer underwent internship at the trauma and surgical departments of the hospital I had been operated at. Sport and traumatology were my main focus.

Having completed the residency program “Traumatology and Orthopedics” I started to work in a trauma center. There I realized that I was missing something - there was much less sport in my life. So I decided to undergo the training program "Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine". Later, having moved to Kolomna, I began to work as a traumatologist and a doctor in sports medicine and a therapeutic exercise doctor at a city polyclinic. I set myself the goal to become a doctor in a sport team. And, as they say, dreams come true if you move towards them. As soon as I started looking for a job, I was offered one in the Russian national team for bullet and trap shooting. It was not easy to get it - I had several months of interviews, but it worked out well. I joined the team at the very beginning of the 4-year preparation cycle for Olympic Games 2020. During this time, the athletes and I participated in the World and European Championships, World Cups, Youth Olympic Games and other international tournaments. Now we continue to intensively prepare for the Olympics.

In fact, working as a national team doctor, I am both a traumatologist and a general practitioner and I also perform the work of doctors of other specialties, because athletes come to me with any problems. Sometimes I even have to provide psychological help. The paperwork has not diminished: schedules of recovery procedures, interpreting biochemical analyzes, ordering medications, making reports, planning examinations - all this is my responsibility. Therefore I`m never bored. I have learned a lot and do not want to stop at that point. There are new peaks ahead that I intend to conquer.

I want to wish the applicants and students of Ryazan State Medical University the following: “Achieve your goals, believe in yourself and fight till the end. Constantly improve, do not limit yourself to medicine alone. Be sure to look after your health and strengthen your body. This is the base of a happy life. And remember, student days are the most wonderful time. Enjoy it! ”