Nale Mvula (Zambia) graduated from RSMU (Faculty of International Students, specialization “General Medicine”) in 2010 and then completed a residency program in Public Health at the same University in 2012:

- My motivation to study Medicine was mainly from my biology teachers at St Joseph’s secondary school back in Zambia and also a young lady doctor that I used to admire as a child.

My professional life has been adventurous if at all there is such a thing. I did my internship at Princess Marina Hospital in Botswana which is a program of surgery, medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, emergency medicine, neonatology and pediatrics. It was very interesting and stressful but came out giant with knowledge. It was literally putting all the 6 years (8 years for me) of information that we got from Russia in to practice. Every country has its own guidelines but thank God the body is the same and therefore Medicine is the same everywhere. 

After the internship I was sent to work at Sekgoma Memorial Hospital in the outpatient department, it was this experience that gave me the idea of opening my own practice. 

I then moved to Cote d’ivoire in 2015 after getting married to a former RSMU student too. I worked as an occupational health officer at Cabinet F2M, an affiliate of oil and gas UK. Working there was good for me because it exposed me to medicine outside the hospital and put my Master in Public Health qualification to work. 

I opened my own practice Espace Medical de Bietry in January this year.

My advice to the RSMU students is to SOLDIER ON and to get as much information as you can from the teachers. Never imagine yourself giving a speech but imagine lots of people clapping and praising you after a speech, that is what will keep you focused.

Advice to the teachers and professors is to continue! YOU ARE DOING THE GOOD JOB! Thank you!!!