Kariakin Nikolay, the rector of Privolzhsky Research Medical University, graduated RSMU General Medicine Faculty in 2000:

- My professional way started at Kolomna Medical School where I was an A-student. Having finished it with honours in 1994 I entered RSMU to continue my education.
That was the place where I became a doctor. Encouraging professors, much practice at hospitals and clinics and Ryazan city with its history and very comfortable living conditions contributed to my professional growth. When I was a 1st year student I joint eight or ten different clubs as I was interested in everything. In my 3rd year I began to attend V.A. Zhadnov’s classes and subsequently I fell in love with neurosurgery.  

After my six year course at RSMU I was enrolled in a residency program on neurosurgery at Moscow Regional Science and Research Clinical Institute named after M.F. Vladimirskiy and started to work at Moscow Hospital #7 as a neurosurgeon. In three years I became the head of Moscow City Clinical Hospital #33 named after Prof. Ostoumov A.A. Year after year I grew confident of the fact that a doctor could save one’s life when a policy maker could save thousands of people. So in 2005 I entered State University of Management (Moscow, Russia) to learn health-care management.

In 2007 I graduated from SUM with honours and was invited to become a deputy head of Healthcare Department of Krasnodar Territory. In three more months I was appointed to the post of the Acting Director of the Russian Centre of Functional Surgical Gastroenterology (Krasnodar, Russia).
In 2010 I moved to Niznij Novgorod. Since then I have lived and worked there.

I think that one of my main achievements is Long-Term Rehabilitation Centre “Dobryi Sad”. It is a rehabilitation centre for children with autism and other mental disorders.
If you ask me what is the secret of my success, I will say that it is self-discipline and respect for every student, patient and colleague.