Ghana and Uganda Delegations Visit RSMU

On August, 16 RSMU hosted delegations from two African countries headed by the Ambassador of Ghana to Russia and the Ambassador of Uganda to Russia. 
«I’m happy to visit the University that is named after Ivan Pavlov. I was trained to become a doctor and I know about the contribution of this great scientist to medicine», - said the representative of Ghana.

During the meeting with Rector Roman Kalinin the delegates emphasized that medical science was highly developed in Russia and they were interested in cooperating with the University in the field of medical education.

«In Uganda we have 40 universities and it’s not enough to provide everyone interested with the opportunity to get education in the country. Being guided by high demand for education we are looking for new sites abroad. It’s crucial for us to enable our residents to get a profession,» - said the Ambassador of Uganda.
Currently 67 residents of Ghana and 3 residents of Uganda study at RSMU.

«There have always been a lot of students from Ghana at our University. They are known to be good at their studies as well as at sports and arts. We hope that our today’s meeting will help us increase the number of students from Uganda. And our cooperation with the country in the field of medical education will be fruitful,» - said the rector.

During the state the delegations also visited the RSMU History Museum and met students.