RSMU celebrated Medical Worker Day 2019 with a festive concert and an award ceremony. The holiday brought together the city administration, specialists of Ryazan leading medical institutions, teachers, students and graduates. The rector of the university Professor Roman Kalinin congratulated the quests on their professional holiday.

“Medicine is one of the areas where the human factor plays a crucial role. There cannot be random people in our profession. You have committed your life to a difficult, responsible, most noble profession – human lives are in your hands. Every day your selfless service, mercy and high professionalism allow people to return to work, gain confidence in the future, feel joy of life again’.

The rector`s greeting was joined by the honored guests of the ceremony: Minister of Health of Ryazan Region A. Prilutsky; Minister of Education and Youth Policy of Ryazan Region O. Schetinkina; Deputy Head of the City Administration E. Sorokina; First Deputy Head of the Municipal Formation T. Manakina; Chairman of the Ryazan City Council L. Maksimova; Deputy Chairman of the Social Affairs Committee of the Ryazan Regional Duma; Deputy Head of the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Human Welfare of Ryazan Region R. Akimova and Head Physician of the Hygiene and Epidemiology Center in Ryazan Region E. Panenkova.

University employees were awarded with honorary certificates, letters of gratitude and valuable gifts for years of fruitful work, outstanding professional skills and high personal achievements in the field of health, science and training of medical personnel.