Freshmen Orientation 2021

In late December a workshop for international students was held. 

The orientation meeting is a traditional event for freshmen organized by RSMU International Department and FOIS Dean's Office. The idea behind making the adaptation process favorable is to get students involved and excited about their new high school life. The main objectives of the meeting were related to basic life issues, educational process, Russian migration law and RSMU rules. During such sessions students have a chance to meet the University staff, to meet their new fellow students, to connect with current students, to learn about University resources and to receive academic advising.  

Alexander A. Piryazev, Head of the International Department, Valeriia P. Vernigorova, a senior specialist of the International Department, Natalya A. Kuchapina, a specialist of the International Department, acquainted the freshmen with topical issues, namely registration rules, rules of stay for foreign students, voluntary medical insurance programs. 

Marina N. Dmitrieva, FOIS Dean, informed the students about organizational aspects of an academic year and answered students' questions. 

Sergey I. Masalsky, Head of the Fire Safety Department, paid a special attention to fire safety and the rules of living in hostels. 

In the final part of the meeting the freshmen had an opportunity to communicate with the staff personally, to ask questions and to discuss their problems. 
It should be mentioned that the freshman advising meeting is designed to help students successfully begin their first year at RSMU.