Student of the year Award Ceremony 2021

On May 13, Student of the Year Award Ceremony was held at the Ministry of Education and Youth Policy in Ryazan.  

Student of the Year Award is a unique competitive and educational project for students. Currently, it aims at looking for and supporting students who have achieved particular accomplishments in the areas of professional work, creativity, sports, student leadership, community service, and voluntary activities. In 2019 the project became a part of the bigger presidential initiative “Russia – Land of Opportunity”.

This year 16 RSMU students took part in such nominations as Community Leader of the Year, Intelligence of the Year, Intellectual Resource of the Year, Creative Person of the Year, Sportsman of the Year, Foreign Student of the Year, Volunteer Association of the Year, Patriotic Association of the Year.

According to the results RSMU students became:

  • Intelligence of the Year - Olga Zavyalova (winner); Leonova Tatiana (laureate)
  • Foreign Student of the Year - Sharma Akshaya (winner)
  • Intellectual resourcе - Maria Averina (winner); Othman Hassan (laureate)
  • Creative Person of the Year - Baranova Ulyana (winner)
  • Volunteer of the Year - Budakyants Evgeniy (laureate)

We congratulate the winners and wish them continued success!