Academic Mobility Online

Academic Mobility Online project resumed in the second term of the current academic year.

In late February RSMU professors began to lecture on Pharmacognosy for Semey Medical University 4th year students (Kazakhstan) doing their course of "Pharmacy".

Sergey V. Darmograi, Valentina A. Morozova, Alla S. Lizunova and Elena V. Akulshina will conduct classes for future Kazakh pharmacists. During the online broadcast RSMU professors of the Department of Pharmacognosy will initiate students into medicinal plants and the analysis of medicinal plant raw materials.

During the whole term, Aigul Gabidenovna Gizatullina, an associate professor of SMU Department of Medical Education, will teach "Psychology and Pedagogy" to RSMU 2nd year students.

Within the framework of the practical training, students will learn about various aspects of cognitive and motivational-need spheres of an individual, as well as study basics of pedagogy and psychology of communication.