We would like to call your attention to the success story of the general director of the Pirogov Center, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, RSMU General Medicine graduate 1989 Oleg Eduardovich Karpov:

- My choice of profession was influenced by several factors. Above all it was literature: I had read a lot of fiction as well as memoirs and contemplations about the profession. I made the final choice when I got into the club at the Department of Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery under the guidance of the famous professor and scientist B.I. Khubutia, when I was still in the 9th grade. Thоse were extraordinary meetings: diving into the anatomy and the basics of operative surgery, participation in surgeries on animals in the vivarium, and organ preparation. I have been grateful my whole life to my first teachers who made me feel that I had chosen the right profession.

I went the traditional path: studied at the Ryazan Medical Institute, did internship and clinical residency in surgery on the base of the emergency hospital, continued my further professional development in the regional clinical hospital and started to comprehend not only the surgical profession, but also organizational issues of our field. Over time I began to feel a greater interest precisely in management and decided to stick to it. I learnt a great deal while supervising the surgical service of the emergency hospital. Nevertheless, I consider the work of a doctor as a healer, cooperation with each patient and winning over their problems to be the greatest, incomparable satisfaction.

Then I had to make further plans and moved to Moscow, took a doctoral program, got acquainted with leading scientists and institutors, new opportunities and prospects opened up for me. Since 2006 I am the head of one of the largest federal clinics - the Pirogov Center. I had been interested in healthcare information technologies which allowed me to be elected to the Corresponding Members of the Academy of Sciences in 2016. I have new plans and prospects ahead of me and feel true happiness each day spent at work.

Addressing would-be-doctors, I would like to wish them two things. First, respect and honor your teachers! During your university years they are your professors – the professionals who invest all their knowledge and in you and share their skills! This is hard work but the results will not take long to wait. Never forget what they did for you. Appreciate all further teachers you meet in life, not only those who praise you, but even those who seem unfair to you - the benefits of such lessons may be even greater, I assure you. I know this from my own experience and I am deeply grateful to each of my teachers - they did a great job and helped me shape my worldview!

The second thing I would like to advise is always learn, go for the new! Having reached the level you aspired, remember that there is no limit. Nowadays you have all the opportunities for self-education, you have access to a huge amount of information and various useful resources, be open to cooperation and communicate with colleagues!
I wish you good luck!!!