Medical Student Art Festival 2018

All-Russian Medical Student Art Festival took place in Yaroslavl on April, 9 - 12.

Many RSMU students of different departments were honored to go there and represent the University at the event. Gifted international students were not an exception.
Being awarded by numerous prizes they proved to have talents in various spheres. They also contributed to the University’s high rank in the list of Russian medical schools with a few significant achievements at the festival.

The band “Red Diploma” (Rim Jbeli, Firas Zran, Alaa Chakroun, Aymen Ali) took the 3rd place in the Vocal-Instrumental Contest. The duet “Pizzicato” consisting of  Diana Yakovleva and Firas Zran also brought RSMU the 3rd place in the Instrumental (Orchestra) Contest. Lavisha Dharmindar Ramchandani and Vikash’s Indian dance was also much loved by the spectators and the jury.