On the 17th of March the Annual Student Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the 80th anniversary of RyazSMU was held at the University.

For the first time 2 sections in English and French were organised that enabled more international students to take part in the conference.

The Section of Humanities gathered students interested in philosophy and bioethics. The best reports were chosen by the jury:
1st Place: Gasmi Rua, Zizi Farah “Plantes médicinales utilisées en Tunisie et au Maroc”
Mentor: Elena V. Akulshina PhD
1st Place: Landolsi Samar “The problem of risk and responsibility of the doctor”
Mentor: Tatiana A. Eroshina PhD
2nd Place: Dridi Kenza “La valeur des monuments historiques de l'architecture dans le contexte du dialogue des cultures”
Mentor: Natalia P. Filippova PhD
2nd Place: Arkorful Sophia “Gender aspect of medical activity in African countries”
Mentor: Tatiana A. Eroshina PhD
3rd Place: Allawi Giselle “Le rôle de la famille au stade actuel du développement social” Mentor: Natalia P. Filippova PhD
3rd Place: Simon Joseph “Information wars in the era of artificial intelligence”
Mentor: Tatiana A. Eroshina PhD

The Section of Clinical Medicine focused on topical issues of policlinic therapy, obstetrics and gynaecology, as well as cardiovascular and endovascular surgery. The competition was fierce but the jury managed to choose the winners:
1st Place:  Midzi Kudzai Rutendo, Mustapha Rafiyat Odunayo “Predictors of myocardial infarction in patients with atherosclerotic peripheral arterial disease”
Mentor: Nina D. Mzhavanadze, MD, PhD, DMedSc
1st Place: Diallo Tahiru “Rare localization of large fibroids in a patient of reproductive age”
Mentor: Elena A. Baklygina
2nd Place: Selvaraj Nikashini “Endometriosis of the anterior abdominal wall”
Mentor: Elena A. Baklygina
2nd Place: Borzley Faress “Shoulder dystocia: peculiarities of delivery
Mentor: Maxim S. Kovalenko PhD
3rd Place: Popoola Precious Oluwatosin “Lipid profile in patients with different non-communicable diseases”
Mentor: Evgeny V. Filippov DMedSc
3rd Place: Bedir Ahmed Hamil Mohamed Abdeldaim “True umbilical cord knot”
Mentor: Maxim S. Kovalenko PhD