RSMU Rector Roman Kalinin held a meeting with international students who had entered University earlier that autumn. The Rector invited students to be actively involved in all areas of the University life and stressed that the administration would support students’ initiatives and create all possible conditions for them to realize their potential.

It was a traditional event aimed at introducing first graders to the legislation of the Russian Federation, local laws of Ryazan Region and inner rules of the University.  Vice-rector for Curricular Activity Oleg M. Uryasyev told new comers about the importance of learning Russian and attending all the classes not to get academic debts. He also explained the peculiarities of the training process at RSMU including the language of training and practicals at Ryazan clinics and hospitals.  

Vice-rector for Extracurricular Activity and International Issues Mariya Gordova acquainted the audience with the variety of ways to spend their spare time going in for sports, developing dance skills or practicing singing etc. She also presented the structure of the International Student Council created to help international students cope with all possible every day difficulties they could come across. 

It should be mentioned that this year 214 first year students from 24 foreign countries entered RSMU. Moreover, 77 international graduates were enrolled for post-graduate programs including residency programs.