As only 6 Russian universities, including Ryazan State Medical University, were included in the Premier League of the Subject National Aggregate Ranking for Pharmacy, the quality of training at RSMU Faculty of Pharmacy is comparable with the leading universities of Russia.

RSMU was also included in the First League of “Health Science”, “Preventive Medicine”, “Nursing” and “Psychological Sciences” subject areas of the Ranking.

The Subject National Aggregate Ranking considers results of 8 rankings which use open data and are public, stabile and mass:

  1. Subject ranking based on the results of professional and public accreditation
  2. Training Quality Assessment Subject Ranking
  3. Hirsch Index Subject Ranking
  4. RAEX Subject Ranking
  5. First Mission Subject Ranking
  6. Subject GAR (Russian universities)
  7. National Recognition Subject Ranking
  8. Superjob Subject Ranking

 It should be mentioned that 6 educational programs of the pharmaceutical field have successfully passed the international accreditation procedure, which confirms that their quality corresponds to the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) and the World Federation for Medical Education standards.