For many years Ryazan State Medical University has trained Indian residents and every year the number of Indian students grows.

Earlier this month an Indian delegation arrived at the University with an official visit. The guests were interested in how the educational process for international students was organized.

In the course of their visit the participants of the delegation met Rector Roman E. Kalinin and Vice-rector for Extracurricular Activity and International Issues Mariya V. Gordova. The parties exchanged their views on up-to-date issues of medical education for Indian residents and discussed admission campaign 2022.

The program of the visit also included a tour around the University campus. The guest had an opportunity to see classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, the rooms of the Accreditation and Simulation Centre with modern equipment, The Culture Centre and numerous sports grounds and gyms.

The participants of the delegation rated the University facilities highly and were satisfied with the conditions Indian students studied and lived in.