ACADEMIC MOBILITY: RSMU Accepts Students From Kazakhstan

RSMU is successfully implementing an academic mobility program. Within the framework of the cooperation agreement with Karaganda Medical University, RSMU has accepted students from Karaganda Medical University for semester training. A group of 15 students arrived in Ryazan at the beginning of February to stay here till June.

Education for exchange students is organized at the Department of Public Health and Healthcare with the Course in Healthcare Organization, the Department of Urology with the Course in Surgical Diseases, the Department of Internal Diseases, the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, the Department of General and Special Psychology with the Course in Pedagogy, the Department of Eye Diseases, the Departments of Cardiovascular, X-ray Endovascular Surgery and Radiation Diagnostics, the Department of Faculty Surgery and Anesthesiology with the Course of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, the Department of Children's Diseases with the Course of Hospital Pediatrics, the Department of Psychiatry, the Department of Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery with the Course of ENT Diseases.

Taking part in University Scientific Society meetings has numerous benefits and adds incredible value to developing skills. Research work is one of the main directions in learning process, contributing to the development of a student's professional qualities. So, КMU guys attend scientific classes in general surgery, pathophysiology regularly.

An important point is that students have started classes at the RSMU Simulation Training Center which help to gain real practical experience in an artificial environment to master practical skills and abilities in organizing and providing medical care.

Leisure time can be well spent in many different ways at our University. Sport at RSMU is a hallmark, as well as a factor that unites students in extracurricular activities. Our international guests enjoy visiting the gym, swimming pool and other sports sections. Students have an opportunity to attend dance, instrumental, vocal classes at our Cultural Center. From March 10, our trainees will begin attending the Language Time Club. It is also a time to enjoy one another and to discuss various topics.

Traditionally, incoming students are invited to attend different events that facilitate their learning of the Russian culture. Visiting cultural institutions can help a lot in sociocultural adaptation of overseas students. Recently, students have attended a concert of the National Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments at the Ryazan State Philharmonic. The visitors learnt interesting facts about musical culture masterpieces and enjoyed live vocal and instrumental music.