Recently RSMU students have taken part in II International Olympiad for Students of Medical Universities "Samarkand – 2020”. 

International Online Olympiad of Medical Students "Samarkand - 2020" is an educational event aimed at popularization of knowledge in various areas of medicine, as well as fundamental sciences increasing interest in academic activities and science creating opportunities for students to show their scientific and creative potential. The competition brought together participants from Russia, Turkey, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries. RSMU representatives took part in the Olympiad in person as well as in a distance format. The participants’ scientific adviser was Yana A. Belenikina, an associate professor of the Department of Internal Medicine. 

Medical biology:

  • 1st place - Almazova Maria Konstantinovna
  • 1st place - Polina Borisovna Koroleva
  • 2nd place - Oleg Romanovich Ershkov
  • Nomination “The Best Score in Testing” - Sofia Sergeevna Beloglazova


  • 1st place - Nino Jondovna Nozadze

Internal illnesses:

  • 1st place - Akhmedova Sabina Ruslanovna

Biological chemistry:

  • 2nd place - Alexander Sergeevich Zakharov

Traumatology and Orthopedics:

  • 2nd place - Prince Alexandra Denisovna
  • 3rd place - Kirill N. Shilkin


  • 2nd place - Ilya Sergeevich Pikushin


  • 2nd place - Grishina Tatyana Dmitrievna


  • 2nd place - Anastasia Yurievna Panferukhina

Histology, pathology and embryology:

  • 2nd place - Maria Chekalenkina
  • Nomination "The Best Scientific Approach to Solving the Problem" - Enenkov Nikita Vasilievich

Orthopedic dentistry:

  • 2nd place - Dedova Veronika Alekseevna

Pathological anatomy:

  • 3rd place - Amelina Arina Aleksandrovna
  • 3rd place - Tatyana Aleksandrovna Uvarova
  • Nomination "Pathomorphological Thinking" - Mantrova Elena Valerievna

Medical chemistry:

  • Nomination "The Best Professional of Practical Skill" - Anastasia Mikhailovna Golubeva

Therapeutic dentistry:

  • 3rd place - Ryzhavina Daria Alekseevna
  • Nomination "Creative Thinking" - Turkin Dmitry Alekseevich
  • Nomination "The Best Scientific Approach to Solving the Problem" - Oleg I. Stolyarov
  • Nomination "The Most Erudite Participant" - Anna Aleksandrovna Kompachenko
  • Competition of scientific works and projects of young scientists:
  • 3rd place - Olga Vitalievna Kurtikova

Competition “Human Anatomy”:

  • 2nd place - Vasily Sergeevich Antonov.

It should be mentioned that RSMU students demonstrated a high level of training and excellent results.