International Student Festival 2021

Each society in the world has its own cultural traditions that identify their heritage and make them uniquely different. Since tradition and culture are inextricably linked, foreign students give us a great opportunity to immerse in a particular way of living.

Recently RSMU international students have taken part in the XXth International Student Festival taking place at the Ryazan Youth House. The concert program included art performances by RSMU students namely Maria Sherstneva, Anastasia Torgova, Nellya Kunyasheva, Bashar Rizk, Akrut Majd, Maria Novikova, Polad Mamedov, Sabina Nuridinova, Medo refaat, Abbass Osman, Raihan Subhan, Botchey Gideon, Decorate Hiba, Mohamed Roaa Tarek, Guirguis Kirellos Anwar Shawki, Ikhidero Daniella Ishanosen.

Our University usually has many cultural activities, so it is really great to see so many students getting involved in cultural events and helping to spread positive vibes about how to live together.

It should be mentioned that International Student Festival has become a well-established tradition, welcoming students. Thus, sharing cultures is clearly extremely significant. Events like this bring people together from all walks of life and allow them to share their cultures, which is a very important thing in the world today.