COVID-19 Vaccination is a Safer Way to Help Build Protection

Vaccination is the most important thing we can do to protect ourselves, family and friends from COVID-19.

In order to prevent COVID-19 disease, we offer foreign students to get vaccinated.

RSMU international students would like to share this idea with you!

Salem Mohamed Refat Ramadan Ali (General Medicine, 6 year student): «Having students vaccinated, along with continued preventative measures will help ensure the health of our community this fall and give us the opportunity to return to many of the activities that make RSMU a special place to live, work and learn.  COVID 19-vaccines are effective. They can keep you from getting and spreading the virus that causes COVID-19.»

Sharipova Nozanin (General Medicine, 5 year student): «I got vaccinated against COVID-19 because I wanted to visit high-risk family and friends, protect our community and end the pandemic. Another easy, painless layer of protection against the virus for myself isn’t bad either! Please get vaccinated when it’s available to you!»

Hegazi Nehal Mohamed  Mahmoud Abdelhakim  (General Medicine, 2 year student): «I chose to get vaccinated to protect not only myself but also the people around me. I have family members with underlying health issues. Getting vaccinated allows me to do my part to keep them safe. The shot was quick and painless. I am very grateful to be vaccinated and encourage everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated as well so all RSMU students can keep each other safe and hopefully return to our beautiful campus in the near future.»