Graduation Ceremony 2021

High school graduation is the most delightful event that every student looks forward to. It is the day when the results of a long-term hard-working but exciting student life at University are summed up.

This year 181 RSMU international graduates have received their diplomas, 10 of whom have gained first - class degrees.  Overcoming all difficulties they successfully mastered the medical profession, actively participated in social and sport life of the University, received the first skills in organization and research activities.

Rector Roman E. Kalinin, Vice-Rector for Extra-Curricular Activity and International Issues Mariah V. Gordova, FOIS Vice-Dean Maria N. Dmitrieva congratulated warmly RSMU alumni on the finally graduating high school. They thanked the graduates that they had been thoughtfully engaged in research, volunteered as a part of student brigades and taken part in a range of events held in their educational institution.

Rector Roman E. Kalinin summed up his congratulations with the following words: “My heartfelt congratulations to you on one of the most exciting, significant and joyous events of your lives - successful graduation from our University and earning a higher education diploma. You have written new pages in the glorious history of your Alma Mater with your good deeds. Surely you will remember your mentors for your whole life and you will never forget your university friends! To become a qualified doctor or pharmacist one must not only study hard at University, but also maintain and update professional skills throughout life. Farewell, dear friends!”