RSMU International Student Week

Recently the Week of the Faculty of International Students has taken place at RSMU filling the last days of May with spectacular events. Its purposes are to develop leadership, promote interactions among students with a variety of backgrounds and support an array of social, educational and cultural activities.

Otman Hassan, a 6th year student, gave a workshop in endovideosurgery, where he demonstrated various methods of laparoscopy. Freshmen learned the basic principles of that direction in surgery and, with the help of a simulator, tried their hand in carrying out a laparoscopic operation.

Playing mind games is a favorite and exciting activity for foreign students. The theme of the intellectual game was "American and English Famous People". An exhibition of books and decorative and applied art with a national flavor was organized for the guests of the event.

In addition, sport at the University gives students a chance to achieve successes and discover new talents. Students from 8 different countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Algeria, and Cameroon) participated in the tournament which was held in two stages. In the final match the team of Nigeria took a confident win over the team of Ghana (2nd place) and Kazakhstan (3rd place).

One more important event held at the University, namely International Students concert, is worth mentioning. Traditionally the concert program included art performances by students from all around the globe.   At the beginning of the concert, the students were awarded diplomas by Gordova Maria V. Gordova, Vice-Rector for Extra-Curricular Activity and International Issues and Viktor G.  Okorokov, FOIS Dean, for their active participation in various events.

“For us, international students, such events help to socialize in the Russian student environment,” emphasized the students.

We wish students success, inspiration and creative ideas!