Academic Mobility Online

Nowadays improving the quality of education at the University is inextricably linked with the development of academic mobility.

Earlier this April RSMU professors Dmitriev A.V., Gudkov R.A., Petrova V.I., Fedina N.V. gave online classes for SMU students (Kazakhstan) doing their course "Infant Diseases". The practical classes covered the issues of child nutrition and physical development, kidney disease, child's anemia, immune thrombocytopenia, heart defects.

Dolinnaya V.T., SMU Associate Professor at Department of Propedeutics of Children Diseases, taught «Pediatrics» to RSMU 4th year students.

Thus, such practical training helps future doctors learn how to accurately determine children’s diseases at the polyclinic level, to provide appropriate combination treatment for all major diseases, to improve counseling for caregivers, and to speed up the referral of seriously ill children to appropriate specialists.