Apply for RSMU Master's Programs in 2021

English and French speaking individuals with a bachelor’s degree now have a chance to enrol on Master’s programs offered by RSMU:

32.04.01 Public Health
33.04.01 Industrial Pharmacy

Public Health

A Master of Public Health (MPH) focuses on the science of creating good health in the local community through education, research and promoting good health.
This program will provide students with a more advanced disciplines of public health and the potential for advanced knowledge in the given sphere. It includes coursework in fields of health policy and administration, health economics, health psychology, public health policy and management.
The program combines research and educational processes, which allows to introduce the latest developments into the educational process and involve students in conducting independent scientific research to apply the acquired knowledge into practice.

Career prospects:

  • practice-oriented skills and competencies;
  • outreach and educational activities in the field of public health protection and promotion;
  • more opportunities for employment.

Industrial Pharmacy

The Master's Program in Industrial Pharmacy is aimed at training high-quality professionals by organizing and providing modern studies in Pharmacy, conducting relevant scientific research, and delivering efficient practical training. It should be mentioned that RSMU cooperates with global pharmaceutical companies.
The program is highly practice-oriented, so graduates receive diverse specific skills, such as knowledge of facts relating to the production and development of medicaments and knowledge of law and ethics related to Pharmacy, medicine and healthcare area; ability to work with specific documentation, analyze medicaments and control their quality.