Student Initiation Ceremony 2020

RSMU freshmen have officially become a part of RSMU large and friendly family.

In the new academic year “Student Initiation Ceremony” was held online in relation to Coronavirus infection spread. The event traditionally began with Rector Roman Kalinin’s congratulation: “Dear students, let me congratulate you with the beginning of a great period in life! I am sure you have already come to love our university! Nothing happens without love. The main goal of our profession is to take to care of people, love them and do everything possible to make life better.  Forward, and forwards only!”

After parting words, Rector presented RSMU students with personalized medical gowns for special merits in studies and social activities: Daria Vishnyakova (Faculty of Pediatrics), Vyacheslav Ilyasov (Faculty of Dentistry), Maria Matsur (Faculty of Pharmacy), Maria Demchenko (Faculty of Preventive Medicine), Daria Roldugina (Faculty of Clinical Psychology), Akshaya Sharma  (Faculty of International Students), Elmira Sokhbatovna Gumbatova (Faculty of Secondary Professional Education and Bachelor's Degree), Maria Averina (Faculty of General Medicine).

The culmination of the event was the uttering of the freshmen vow. By tradition, the event concluded with the presentation of the symbolic key of knowledge and student card.

Congratulations to the students with the new step to the future and wish to bear the title of a RSMU student with pride and dignity!