RSMU Students Come Russia’s Best Eco-Volunteer Squad

Best Eco-Volunteer Squad Competition is an all-Russian contest that aims at motivating the youth to participate in socially oriented activities and preserve the environment.

RSMU students have been helping Oka Nature Reserve and a crane farm for two years. The reserve is an area with extensive lowland rivers and forested peatlands. It’s a habitat of waterfowl and waders. The reserve hosts breeding centers for the bison and the crane. Our volunteers’ activity consists in reserve territory improvement, cleaning and reconstructing bird cages.

In addition, Ryazan State Medical University's eco-volunteer squad has already taken part in organizing and conducting more than 30 environmental events including such actions and projects as «Separate waste collection», «Clean Coastline», «Oak Forest Revival» and «Community Work Day». It should be mentioned that students have done a really great work with the result they have become winners of the competition.

According to the established tradition the awards ceremony will take place at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation in Moscow.