Balasubramaniam Ganesanantan (Sri Lanka) graduated from RSMU Faculty of International Students (specialization “General Medicine”) in 2008:

- I studied at RSMU and I`ve never regretted it and I will never forget positive emotions that I experienced during my studies.

I was an average student but I spent a lot of time in practical trainings out of curriculum in City Clinical Emergency Сare Hospital and what I learnt during my internship with professors Andrey V. Fedoseev, Vladimir A. Zhadnov, Alexey A. Nizov, Roman Ye. Kalinin and Dmitry R. Rakita greatly influenced my skills.

Due to their blessing and teaching I`m currently working in London Queen's hospital as an accident and emergency physician.

I am endlessly grateful to Ryazan State Medical University for making my life the way I had always wanted it to be.