Harshad Ghorpade (India) finished a residency program in Orthodontics at RSMU in 2003. Now he works as an orthodontist in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

- My passion for Orthodontics and oral health influenced the choice of my future profession. To tell the truth things have never been easy. Be ready to this! I had to face challenges at each and every step of my career ladder. But due to my strong will, determination and immense hardwork, I became the first Indian orthodontist with a Russian diplomawho managed to prove the qualification having passed the examat the Ministry of Health of the United Arad Emirates.I’m also very proud to be a professional licensed by NHRA (National Health Regulatory Authority), Kingdom of Bahrain.

All of the above gave me the opportunity to do what I really loved to do. Now I work 8 hours per day 6 days a week and I can say that my life is a balance of work and social life.

Relying on my own experience I want current students to remember that there is no shortcut to success. You should be happy to study at RGMU as it is one of the most prestigious universities of Russia and is respected over the globe. It is a place to start a successful career. I wish you all the best!