RSMU at 20th European Venous Forum

Phlebologists and vascular surgeons from all over the world have met in Zurich, Switzerland, to discuss up-to-date issues of venous diseases. RSMU professors Igor Suchkov and Nina Mzhavanadze are among world top specialists in the field.

European Venous Forum (EVF) was founded in Lyon, France in 2000. The objective was to develop education, scientific knowledge, research and clinical expertise of the highest quality and establish standards in the field of venous disease.

The meeting of the EVF was of short duration (June, 27-29) and was confined to high quality presentations and discussions on controversial issues. Dominik Heim, EVF President, stuck to the point in his welcoming speech: “Our congresses are a very interesting mixture of different animated sessions and offer a wide variety of topics, which this year are: the various treatments of varicose veins, the rationale for ulcer treatment, compression and its new devices, lymphatic disorders and the problem of deep vein thrombosis and the post-thrombotic syndrome.”

RSMU representatives made 4 reports, wherein the electronic presentation “Long-Term Results of Open Phlebectomy Without Ligation of Perforator Veins” (I. Suchkov, R. Kalinin, N. Mzhavanadze, I. Shavaev) was awarded with the Best E-Poster Diploma.