Over eight hundred RSMU graduates 2019 have gained their diplomas. Traditionally the majority of them were from the Faculty of General Medicine – 398 newly-qualified doctors.

The Faculty of International Students graduation ceremony turned out to be the most remarkable. Parents of the graduates had come all the way to Russia to support their children on such an important day in their lives. They gave gratitude and felicitation speeches standing on the stage of the University Assembly Hall holding hands with their children dressed in graduation gowns.

RSMU Rector Roman Kalinin addressed would-be-doctors with the following words: “Dear graduates! I congratulate you on completing your university studies and setting to your professional life. Hopefully the knowledge you`ve gained will help you succeed wherever you go. Keep learning and upgrading your skills! Don`t shy away from difficulties that are inevitable in your most noble profession. People`s health and lives are in your hands!”

At the end of the ceremony all the graduates made wishes and set balloons to the sky.