RSMU at “Medical Education Week”

Irina V. Garesky, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages, took part in the symposium “Foreign Languages in Medical Education: Issues of Interdisciplinary and International Collaboration” which was held in the Congress Center of I.M. Sechenov First MSMU in the framework of the X All-Russian Conference with international participation "Medical Education Week" on April 3-4.

The symposium discussed the relevance of international and interdisciplinary integration at all education system levels that resulted from the need for both holistic implementation of local tasks of every academic discipline and execution of the social order to form a comprehensively developed, professionally competent and spiritually rich personality of a university graduate. It was stressed that one of the main goals is the synthesis of natural science, general cultural and humanitarian knowledge and practical skills, ensuring a high level of students’ readiness to apply them in practice.