The new academic year has started with a bright and unforgettable sport event for RSMU students. In early morning more than 3000 students from the main Ryazan universities gathered at the stadium “SPARTAK” in the city center in order to give their day a fresh start.

Together with representatives of the administration of the Ryazan region, the RSMU Rector, professor Roman Yevgenyevich Kalinin, welcomed the participants. “Sport makes us stronger and I am sure that the people who do sports become leaders in life and job more often than others. I am sure that you will be the champions in every aspect”,

- said the Rector.

Following the welcome speech, the stadium field turned into a colorful arena where more than 300 RSMU volunteers formed the main symbol of the upcoming XIX World Festival of Youth and Students that will take place in Moscow and Sochi next month - the five-petaled flower. The international abbreviation of the festival – WFYS – was presented by the RSMU foreign students who had come to Russia to pursue an academic degree from more than 50 world countries.

After the brief but fascinating opening ceremony, all visitors were invited to come down from the tribunes and join the collective outdoor workout under the guidance of famous sportsmen and fitness instructors. Accompanied by cheerful music, 3000 people performed dance steps, stretching moves and squads all together.