“LANGUAGE TIME!” Visits a Historical Exhibition Dedicated to Brest Fortress

The university club of language exchange “LANGUAGE TIME!” has organized meetings for RSMU home and international students for two months already. The idea to create such a unique platform of language exchange, where our students could have a chance to practice foreign languages and explore new cultures, came to the members of RSMU Student Council. Supported by the RSMU administration and international department, the first meeting of the club took place at the beginning of September gathering together more than 60 attendees.

The club is a great opportunity for Russian students to practice foreign languages with native speakers – our foreign students from different countries of the world. Foreign students enjoy meeting new friends and improving their Russian language skills which helps them to adapt quicker to new cultural and language environment.

Each session has a different topic to discuss. The students come together to share their ideas, future aspirations, cultural peculiarities. They watch and discuss movies together and play various “ice-breaking” games. The only rule of the club is to try to speak different languages while being engaged into activities.

This time the organizers decided to take the club format to a new level and held a meeting out of the university campus.  The students from Russia, Egypt, Morocco, Tunis, South Africa and Uzbekistan visited a historic exhibition about the legendary heroes of Brest Fortress which was one of the first to be attacked by the Nazi troops during WWll. Especially the exhibition has impressed the foreign students who hadn’t known the history of the fortress before.

Having found a very cosy place after that, the members of the “LANGUAGE TIME!” talked about their personal heroes. It turned out that heroes are among us. They are not only famous historical figures, but also the people who support us and act as role models for us - our parents, relatives and friends. “My brother is the most important hero in my life. He always supports me and tries to protect me from everything bad. He teaches me how to be a good and kind person”, - said of the students.

The club meets every Wednesday at 5 p.m. in the Library (3d Floor). Everybody is very welcome to join!