Foreign students awarded their diplomas

On the 23rd of June 2015 141 foreign students of Ryazan State Medical University from more than 40 countries awarded diplomas of Doctor of Medicine, Pharmacist and Doctor of Dentistry.

The ceremony was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of foreign students, Professor V.G. Okorokov. Rector of the University, Professor R.E. Kalinin, vice-rector of education Y.Y. Byalovskiy and the chief of International Department T.V. Korobovtseva also congratulated former students with such an important event in their lives.

Teachers, friends, students of minor years and relatives also gathered to congratulate graduated students. «It is a holiday for us. The University gives its former students ability to work as qualified professionals. This is approval of the high international status of the University. And despite it is festive occasion it`s a pity for us, because many students going away, but we are looking forward some will join the University to study postgraduate programs and to get specialist certificates», - rector resumed.